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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is the difference between Interpretation and Translation?
— For some unknown reason, many refer to both Translation and Interpretation as simply “Translation”.  Although both share the same common task of taking information in one language and converting it into another, they remain two separate processes. The interpreter translates orally, while a translator interprets written text.


2.      How much does it cost to translate a document?
— Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a quote based off documents that are not visible to us.  This is why we ask that you kindly email or fax a legible copy of your document(s) for our review.  A quote will be provided to you shortly thereafter.


3.      What is your turnaround time?
— We typically ask that you allow 3 – 5 business days for the completion and electronic delivery of your translation.  Please note that the turn-around time may vary depending in the quantity and subject matter difficulty.  Smaller 1 page translations are usually completed and delivered within 1-2 business days.


4.      Why can’t I translate my own document?
— A Qualified Translator requires specific skills that include dialect, editing, and subject matter expertise.  It takes a great level of aptitude to comprehend and translate accurately the correct tone and intent in a grammatically correct way.


5.      How can I get my document to you?
— We offer 2 easy, convenient ways to submit your document(s) for translation.  You may email a scanned copy of your document to requests@wespeakit.com or fax a clear legible copy of your document along with cover page included contact information to (813)231-8539.  Please note that any documents received without a fax coversheet will be discarded.