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1st June 2020

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About Us

Established in 1998:

  • Based out of Tampa Bay, Florida as an established leader in language services since 1998, All Languages Specialists, Inc. proudly provides exceptional Interpretation and Translation services throughout the legal industry, major corporations, government and state agencies, insurance companies, and medical facilities alike locally and throughout the nation.

Our Mission:

  • As our society continues to become more culturally diverse, ALS, Inc., are leaders on a mission in “Breaking Down The Language Barriers” and meeting the needs of our clients by continuously improving our understanding of cultural and linguistic competency.  Our goal is to provide cost-effective professional Interpretation and Translation services to help you meet the challenges of foreign-language communication.

Our Commitment To Quality:

  • All Languages Specialists, Inc. remains committed in delivering exceptional language services, every time.  We provide only the most highly qualified and skilled linguist experienced in their field of expertise.  We understand the importance our clients place on communicating clearly, especially in business, health, and legal situations.  This is why we ensure that messages are conveyed accurately and effectively between different languages and cultures.  Helping clients meet their needs is our top priority.  Our company is proud of our excellent reputation for accuracy, reliability and professionalism.  “Breaking Down The Language Barriers” with flawless language services is precisely whatAll Languages Specialists, Inc. promises to deliver!

Confidentiality Assurance:

  • Here at ALS, Inc., we understand and respect our clients right to privacy.   It is our moral and ethical obligation to protect and keep confidential all information entrusted to our company by our clients.  In dealings with high profile cases and sensitive documentation, ALS, Inc. guarantees the safety and protection of all client information.  Rest assured that our staff and linguists are bond by strict confidentiality agreements.  If required, we will sign any non-disclosure agreement from our clients.  Upon request, we will draft and provide a non disclosure agreement tailored specifically to our clients requests!

Why ALS, Inc.:

  • In an industry that is sorely under-regulated with a growing host of providers all offering the same services, you may ask “Why ALS, Inc.”?  Simply put, our obligation to providing “The Highest Quality Customer Satisfaction Experience”available in today’s market.  We are driven solely by the level of satisfaction we can obtain from our clients through our experienced and innovative approach in gaining an understanding of each clients unique and specific language needs.  Once this has been accomplished, we can provide the“MostCost Effective” means of service delivery!