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1st June 2020

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Translation Services

  • Having over 12 years of industry experience, ALS, Inc. continues to provide on-time, low-cost, accurate translation services.  We remain competitive leaders and have set the industry standards for providing the highest quality translation services.  Our Professional Translation Services goes above and beyond our clients’ needs and expectations in over 400 languages and dialects!
  • ALS, Inc. believes that a “Superior Translation” reads as if originally written in the targeted language scrutinizing for proper formatting and error free text. This can only be achieved by employing highly skilled, equally experienced professional translators.  An accurate professional translation can save a life, win a bid, close a lucrative business deal, or persuade a shopper to buy a particular product. Our translators consist of Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Students, Professors, Engineers, as well as other highly-qualified professionals.
  • ALS, Inc. provides Professional Translation Services in the following areas of expertise:
    • *Legal
    • *Medical
    • *Business
    • *Financial
    • *Technical
  • To ensure that our translations meet the exacting legal standards of government agencies and professional organizations throughout the U.S and around the world, all of our translations are accompanied by our ***Notarized Certificate of Accuracy***.  This is an additional document which affirms that your translation was performed by a linguist who is certified and accredited to translate in the given language pair.

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